Japanese wooden straws, Kinostraw

Japanese wooden straws, Kinostraw are made from trees grown in Japan which have been sliced into incredibly thin 0.15 mm pieces (the same material our original product, Kinokami is made from as well) which have been wrapped with a unique process and turned into straws.

This is a completely new product we developed to address the modern problem of plastic straws. These straws are made from real trees, which gives them a sense of warmth, and create a relaxed atmosphere at mealtimes.

Users can drink water which originated in Japan's forests while using a straw which also originates from Japan's forests.

If you're interested in Kinostraw, please contact us here. The straws can also be purchased at our online shop below.

- Kinostraw Project -

In recent years in Europe and America, the problem of marine pollution due to plastic straws has led to an acceleration in the movement to reduce single-use plastics.

The approach our company recommends for reducing straws is that not using a straw is the best option, and that for customers who would really like one, or for VIP customers, a Kinostraw can be used. Doing so helps to reduce total costs while also being a method for increasing overall service quality.

Using trees grown in Japan is an important concept we focus on with our products, and with Kinostraw we hope to bring attention to problems with Japan's water and forests, which was a large part of our motivation during the development of the product.

Kinostraw is a product based around the deeper idea of water, which is why it is our hope that Kinostraw can serve as a bridge to a greater understanding of Japan's forests and water.

Through Kinostraw we hope to show that;
there is water because there are forests, 40% of Japan's forests are man-made, man-made forests will be ruined if they aren't maintained, and that using (and buying) trees is an important part of keeping the financial cycle of forests moving. By communicating these facts, we hope to move the Kinostraw Project forward by providing opportunities for people to consider ways to protect Japan's resources of water and forests.

Please take a look at the following comic as well.

Kinds of trees which Kinostraw are made from

Japanese cedar

Cherry blossom tree

Abies sachalinensis



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