Japanese wooden card, Kinomeishi

Kinomeishi are an original business card concept created using Kinokami, a material made from thinly-sliced, Japanese-produced lumber bonded together with paper.

Business cards have all the information you would want someone to know about you condensed on to one sheet, and they are important communication tools to use when meeting someone for the first time.

Kinomeishi can be printed with bright colors and fine print, just like other printing papers.

Since they are made using real wood, these business cards allow you to convey a feeling of sincerity and warmth, almost like a letter. Kinomeishi let you feel the conversation that happens naturally when you exchange business cards.

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Episode 01 : A Surprising Relationship

Business cards are said to trace their origins to China.
At the time, if a person they were visiting was out, people would write their name on a strip of wood or bamboo and tack it to the person’s door to let them know they had called.

This strip of wood or bamboo was called “shi,” thus the term “meishi.” Wood has been a part of business cards since the very beginning.

Features of Kinomeishi

Kinomeishi come in two varieties: the first has one face each of paper and wood; and the second has two wooden faces. The paper and wood-faced version is a two-layer structure of wood and paper, while the version with two wooden faces is a three-layer structure with paper sandwiched between two slices of wood.

One face each of paper and wood

thickness : about 0.25〜0.3mm

Two wooden faces

thickness : about 0.4mm

Kinomeishi Wood Types, Compared

Kinomeishi are unique for the natural feel of their materials, their grain, which differs with each card, and their engineering, which allows them to be printed even with small characters.

← 1.Cypress 2.Red pine 3.Black pine 4.Luchu pine 5.Cherry 6.Cedar →

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Place your mouse over the image. Drag your mouse to move around and scroll to zoom in and out. When viewing on a smartphone, swipe to zoom in and out. * The image is a sample, as the wood grain differs from card to card.

Wood types available for both varieties:


Red pine

Black pine

Luchu pine

Wood types available for only the two-layer variety:



Episode 02 : Is Kinokami Alive?

Since Kinomeishi are made using real wood, they may warp depending on humidity, time of year, and the type of wood, and the color of the wood changes as it ages.

In addition, the different characteristics offered by each type of wood are one of the great things about wooden business cards.
Luchu pine is a tree from the south of the country known for its bold grain and rough feel, while cypress is smooth and gives off a mild scent.

Regardless of the type of wood, these business cards allow you to appreciate the feel of the wood as it changes over time.

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