What's Kinokami

Kinokami is a new type of wood-based material that makes it possible to use wood as you would use paper.

By slicing wood produced in Japan to a thickness of under 0.1 millimeters and affixing paper to the underside, we have made it possible to do the same things with this wooden material that you can do with paper, including writing, drawing, folding, curling, cutting, building, and making cut-outs.

Kinokami can also be used for printing, with your printer at home or at the office.

In addition to business cards and postcards, we recommend it as a material for crafts of all sorts.

Types of Kinokami

Kinokami is available in a form that has wood on both sides, and one that has wood on one side and paper on the other. With the two-sided wooden type, you can also choose the direction of the wood grain: lengthwise or widthwise.

We also offer a type of Kinokami for laser printers, and one for inkjet printers.

Please choose the one that suits your printer type and purpose.



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